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Inclusive Sand & Water – an Australian first!

The designs of the new range of Inclusive Sand and Water Play come as a welcome refresh to a market which is heavily saturated with imported goods. The design team at Moduplay had the goal of not only creating an affordable, Australian made alternative to some of the European items. But, they also wanted to ensure that all children regardless of ability were able to experience the magic of interacting with and learning through nature. Minimalistic shapes and a multitude of colour options allow for any item from the re-worked range to fit seamlessly into any play environment. Being the designers, manufacturers and installers of this unique range of products allows us to offer a level of customisation that has never before been…

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Playgrounds that take kids back to nature

Nature Play gives kids a rare sense of freedom and allows kids to explore their limits in a structured and safe environment. Researchers at the University of WA found that nature play also stimulates children’s immune systems, and can reduce the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder. In this day & age where everything can be experienced either through a screen or a pair of VR goggles, it is hard to find something that can entertain and excite the younger generation, but that is exactly what nature play brings. Moduplay has been working hard to develop an affordable, Australian made option to help satisfy an industry that is currently crying out for a bit of variety. Our industrial designers have come…

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How often do kids need to get outside?

We’re sure that over the years your parents have said (or yelled) the words “go play outside” more than once. With the ever growing dependency on screens and other technologies, are the times of grazed knees, muddy hands and grass stained shorts behind us? According to Voice of Play – absolutely not! In a recent survey conducted amongst 1000 parents, the results showed that four in ten respondents (42%) say that their kids play four to six days per week, 30% play one to three days per week, 24% play every day. Eighty percent of parents said their kids enjoy playing outdoors significantly more than playing indoors, with 41 percent agreeing strongly with this statement. More than four in 10 parents (44 percent)…

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What is Spatial Awareness and why is it important to children?

Spatial awareness is the ability of a child to understand where they are in relation to objects or where objects or structures are in relation to each other. It also refers to understanding how an object changes in relation to them when they move. Now, this may sound like a really basic skill (which it is) that every child would get automatically (they should) in their daily activities (but they don’t anymore)! Too much screen time has an effect on so many basic skills that we take for granted. So it involves very simple actions like reaching out to grab something and knowing how far to stretch. Then if I pull myself towards that object how other things around me change as a result….

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Moduplay Project awarded 2016 Destination of the Year

Jervois St Reserve has recently won the 2016 ‘Destination of the Year’ award as voted by the people of Adelaide! The award, formally issued by Baby and Toddler Destinations to the City of Marion was received by Mayor Kris Hanna in a formal presentation last week. You can view more photos on the Project Page. We feel this playground has left all other play spaces far behind  – Baby and Toddler Destinations This beautiful natural play environment has been incredibly successful for Marion City Council, SA. Congratulations must go to the Landscape Design Team there that developed the entire design and sourced many interesting pieces that the children freely engage with. Well done! Moduplay provided several play areas including the Voice Tubes, Slides, Quad Swing set with Nest…

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The BEST playground in Australia?

The Moduplay Skytower at Stuart Park, Wollongong has become “the playground to go to” for children and families from all over the Illawarra and beyond! The all-inclusive design has allowed kids of all abilities to play together in one cohesive and colourful environment. Wollongong Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbury stated that the playground would get a “Gold Star” and a “swag of ‘WOWs’ from the kids” when speaking at the grand opening. At 8.6m high it promises a lot and delivers more! The tower, one of the largest of it’s kind in Australia is part of a play area featuring a Double SkyRider, multiple Swingsets, innovative Spinpoint Spinners and a smaller play structure for younger children. The area also features a Liberty Swing – allowing…

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Moduplay Geoclimber – Versatility Personified

Fast moving action in a compact and exciting play area where kids can really try their fitness levels and stamina. The Moduplay Geoclimber is one of our most popular products and has been a cornerstone of our business since we first coined the idea in 2001. 15 years on and they’re as popular as ever, whether we’re selling them as individual units or integrating them into one of our award-winning designs, there always seems to be some Geoclimbers going out the door. Cargo nets on the top of Geoclimbers get used as monkey bars to swing from one activity to another. No platforms mean the kids have to balance and hang on as they traverse between activities, helping kids of all…

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What is the best play equipment for schools?

This is a question we are often asked by school principals and school fundraising committees. The truth is there is no single answer to the question of what is the best play equipment for schools. Every school has different needs and what may be the right play equipment solution for one may not suit another. (And there may even be some situations where the best result is gained for your school with a product other than a Moduplay product). However, this article is intended to help you navigate through the various options early in the playground buying process so you can get the best possible result for your school. What are most schools looking for when buying playground equipment? From…

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What are the benefits of play equipment in schools?

There is so much evidence of the value of play equipment for children that it’s hard to know where to start! But let’s get one point clarified right up front… As a manufacturer of play equipment, we are very aware of the movement out there that says… Play equipment is not sufficient for the needs of our children And we totally agree! It’s only a part of the solution. Then we hear some saying… Children need natural play environments where they can interact with the elements and make up their own play …and we totally agree with that too! But that doesn’t mean they won’t use what some may call traditional play equipment for healthy and engaging activities. So if we accept that children…

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