Extreme Marine

Introducing Extreme Marine for Coastal Playgrounds

According to the 2016 Census 86% of Australians live within 50km of the Australian coastline…

This means that, in Australia, there are lots of playgrounds built almost on the beach. Local Councils around Australia need a solution for the many new playgrounds being built in these locations.

Moduplay Extreme Marine is the solution.

When a Moduplay package includes Extreme Marine it means we have gone to extreme lengths to ensure our products give a long trouble-free service life, regardless of the most demanding climatic conditions.

The Extreme Marine Protection Package gives you total peace-of-mind when installing Moduplay products in extreme coastal locations.

The Extreme Marine Protection Package gives our full standard warranty on all structural elements, fasteners and metal components.

  • Structural Elements* – aluminium or stainless steel
  • Fasteners – stainless steel
  • Coatings – unique extreme protection system

*If aluminium or stainless steel structural sections are not available for specific applications, heavy duty hot dip galvanised protection may be used to substitute.


Extreme Marine Protection Package is highly recommended for play areas within 1km of breaking surf.