Funding Your New Playground Equipment

Are you looking to upgrade your playground equipment?

Not Sure where to start?

Raising the funds needed to purchase new play equipment can seem like daunting task and you need to be realistic and understand that is isn’t the kind of thing that will happen overnight. It takes a lot of planning, phone calls, emails and late nights to get a project such as this over the line, that’s why before you embark on such a journey you need to be committed 100%.

If you are looking for a dollar figure to aim for, check out at our blog post called “How much does it cost to build a playground?“; it might help you get a more realistic figure and allow you to see what a project could potentially cost.

Here you have a few simple steps to follow if you’re looking to start fundraising:

Events Are Your Best Friend

There are a lot of great fundraising ideas out there, from movie nights to school mufti days – every little bit counts and it’s a great way to involve the community and get them invested in the project. The use of social networks like Facebook & Instagram are a fantastic way to create awareness and allow the people donating to the cause to see some real progress being made. Engaging with other parents/ citizens can be a great way to brainstorm ideas, get feedback and recruit more helpers. If you’re fundraising for a school, getting a feature in the newsletter could also be a great way to reach out to parents.

A few useful links:


Consult Some Local Businesses

You would be surprised at how many local businesses are willing to invest in a worthy cause. It can be a daunting task asking people for donations but as the old saying goes “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”, and the result can be rather surprising. Local business owners are members of the local community, just like you and they want to see the community thrive because if the community is thriving more often than not so is their business. Be sure to approach businesses with an open mind and have a tried and tested proposal, be sure to stress the benefits of the upgrade and be as clear as clear and concise as possible.


Government Funding

Federal and state governments and countless private foundations have grants available to schools and non-profit organisations seeking to build and renovate playgrounds. Research is the key to finding the right institution to approach. The grant application process can be intensive and lengthy, so the best time to start is now!

Federal Government funding:
Community Grants Hub

State Government funding:

Other websites such as Grant Guru are also fantastic tools for keeping up to date with funding opportunities. Governments are always opening up new rounds of grants, so be sure to keep an eye on their website/ social media pages for updates.


Contact A Supplier

There are a plethora of commercial playground equipment suppliers currently serving the market, a quick Google search could easily tell you that.

Moduplay has been designing and building beautiful playgrounds since 1989 with a singular goal to let children have the best opportunity to learn through play, offering maximum challenge and fun, while playing safely.

Moduplay designs, engineers and manufactures its products in Australia using the latest technology and manufacturing processes.

When combined with our experienced installation and site build teams, along with fully accredited and comprehensive soft-fall systems, we can offer you the best possible outcome for any play areas project.

Feel free to get in touch and let us help you with your project.



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