How much does it cost to build a playground?

Many people ask us

What does it really cost to build a playground?


First, you have to answer a few questions:

  1. Do you have a budget and what is it?
  2. Is it for private or public use?
  3. How much space have you got to work with?
  4. Will you be building it yourself or will you be engaging a professional playground company to build it for you?
  5. What is your time frame?


It’s also very important to be aware there are Australian Safety Standards that regulate the provision of play equipment. In the interests of safe play for kids and your own protection legally, you need to ensure all play equipment, especially play equipment for public use, is fully compliant with the relevant Australian Standards.

Looking at adding soft-fall? We’ve got an article for that too. CLICK HERE.



UNDER $1,000 – (4680mm W x 3390mm L)

Playground Cost

If your playground is for private use, we could assume you are looking to spend under $2000 on your project. Your local hardware store will probably offer a variety of affordable, functional play equipment like the item you see above within this budget. Although one concern raised by buying such equipment is the longevity. Normally this kind of play equipment will only last a few years.

UNDER $4,000 – (1700mm W x 3300mm L)

Playground Cost

There are dedicated businesses such as Aaron’s Outdoor Living in Sydney, Australia that specialise in cubby houses – which on their own provide hours of fun for kids of all ages!

Although a little bit more expensive, the play value from a unit such as the one featured here is much higher than your standard kit from a hardware store. Although the costs are higher, the value for money is shown in the quality and longevity of the product.



UNDER $12,000* – (42m²) + Soft-fall surfacing required

Playground Cost

This Moduplay Capital unit came in at a little under $10,000 – such a price rise is justified by the quality of materials used and being made in Australia by Moduplay you can be assured it is going to last for many years into the future. Moduplay offers warranties and guarantees its work, organises the design, safety precautions (such as the soft-fall area) and can even install the unit if necessary.

UNDER $30,000* – (226m²) + Soft-fall surfacing requiredPlayground Cost

Looking for a little more Adventure? This proposal came just short of $30,000 – a generous number for the amount of play value included! This Moduplay Adventure hybrid challenges a child’s balance, strength, spatial awareness and ability to think on their feet, overall a well-balanced play space that’s perfect for schools, councils or holiday parks!

OVER $30,000 + Soft-fall surfacing requiredPlayground Cost

If you’re looking for a more elaborate playground – please contact Moduplay. We are based in Australia and operate worldwide, so please feel free to get in touch about your upcoming project – we specialise in big projects and we possess the ability to create custom designs to fit your needs.

*Denotes the correct price for SUPPLY of the product (correct as of 8/8/2014), not including, delivery, installation, laying of soft fall or any other associated costs for services provided by the manufacturer or installer
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