Why even build playgrounds? (Part 1)

What is the benefit to, or impact on, our communities of building public play spaces?

We want to challenge that the concept of building public play spaces is a good idea.

It may seem crazy for a playground company to be asking this question… but we really want to know the answer.

We want to drill into everything we do as a company, and even as an industry, and see where we can do better.

Here’s our first list of Reasons for Playgrounds

  1. A place for time out – away from digital distraction for the children. Parents & carers can spend more time present with their children & each other
  2. Golden memories are formed – most adults today relate good childhood memories to moments of play
  3. Exercise & strength – many children exercise the most when they visit a playground

We have a lot more reasons to add but we’d like to know your Reasons for Playgrounds in the comments below and we can explore them in upcoming articles.

Reason #1 – A place for time out

Soon after we built the SkyTower at Stuart Park Wollongong, one of our field crew called past to check on something and snapped this picture on his phone.

We love this photo. It speaks volumes.

  • How many great memories were being formed at the moment this photo was snapped 6 years ago? How many have been formed since?
  • What skills were being honed on the various play activities across the playground?
  • Which kids in the SkyTower were being braver than they’d ever been before by going to the highest slide they dare to try?
  • Who of the parents and carers were catching up with family first time in a while, enjoying their company and finding support amongst friends?

So, “A place for time out” That’s the first reason, and we think it’s pretty valid.

But are we doing it the best way we can? How can we make playgrounds as A Place for Time Out even better?

Thank you and play well.

One Response to Why even build playgrounds? (Part 1)

  1. Kathleen (Kathie) Collins November 5, 2021 at 5:57 pm #

    Following several glances I must say you seem to have the issue covered. Another glance indicates that all the shady spots and play equipment are very well occupied. This indicates that children cannot get enough of play equipment and families like shady spots but do not necessarily like to sit on top of each other.

    As I see it, there are a couple of solutions:

    -Locate more equipment in more areas of the park and supply more shade

    – develop more parks with varying play equipment. This will attract parents and children to visit more parks for play time

    If you build they will come! Word spreads
    – locate play spaces in close vicinity to existing Early Childhood Centers. This may see the equipment use more hours in the day and will be further promotion o the play equipment