Tips for installing your playground equipment

Have you decided to take on the responsibility of installing your own playground equipment? 

We’ve put some tips together to make sure your equipment is safely installed, compliant and above all safe to play on.

First, be prepared. You will need adequate machinery and tools for install. Most specialised tools or spanners will be supplied with the playground kit but you will need equipment such as cordless drills, cordless screw drivers and some basic hand tools and digging tools.

Some parts of new playground kits can be large, difficult to handle and heavy. You may require a forklift, truck crane or some other handling equipment to safely manoeuvre the equipment on site.

Read the instruction manual before you get on site to make sure you have all the equipment you need. Pre-reading the installation instructions will help you to be familiar with the various techniques required to build the new playground.

If you’re installing Moduplay equipment we have a team of technicians ready to answer any questions you may have before, during or after the playground installation.

Tips For Installing Playground Equipment LRG 2

Things to consider before commencing install:

  • Compliant soft-fall surfacing – make sure you have allowed for this in your overall plan. This can be a significant extra cost to the playground budget and requires adequate space to include fall zones as provided on the set out plan.
  • Temporary fencing hire – this keeps the site safe and secure during the playground installation
  • Clearing and levelling site – levels sites usually give better play value and are easier to install into
  • Search for underground services – we recommend using a professional for this
  • Checking your subsoil conditions are normal – it is important to consider if you are installing into sandy, clayish or perhaps rocky subsoil conditions. You may need to allow for additional labour if any of these conditions exist.
  • Consider how you will re-establish site – where will you dump the spoil or will the excavated spoil be removed from the site?
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