Bankbook Park

Wongawilli, NSW

Imagine moving into your new home, getting settled and telling the kids they can go outside to play, then being able to walk them down the street to THIS! Well, that’s exactly what the new residents at Vista Park, Wongawilli are able to do. We worked closely with Taylor Brammer Landscape Architecture in order to achieve this wonderful bespoke play space.

Situated at the foot of the Illawarra Escarpment, Bankbook Park has a view fit for a postcard. This beautiful community play area boasts a Custom Great Keep SkyTower, All-Access Carousel, Custom SkyRider & MORE!

With a distinct industrial theme based on the nearby mining village of Wongawilli, the play space features a custom made swing frame, unique mining carts as a seating area and a Moduplay SkyRider that connects two re-purposed power poles that originally occupied the site.

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*Price guide correct as at December 2018 for equipment and installation only. Your project location may effect delivery and install costs.