Moduplay Pacific Palms Roof Style

Moduplay Premium has a new style – Pacific Palms

When designing a new play space it’s important the play equipment is in sympathy with the surroundings, so the playground becomes a true community asset that children and families will love to visit and enjoy using.

In coordination with the release of 2023 PLAY Book Edition 10 all of the Moduplay Multi-Play Systems are now available in selected “styles” that create a unique look and can be chosen to harmonise with almost any environment.

One of the most popular new styles is “Pacific Palms”, which is shown here in various Moduplay Premium designs and layouts.

Pacific Palms gives a tropical, leafy appearance to the Premium range and fits in to forest and bush settings beautifully.


The Pacific Palms style is a combination of a unique roof with leafy facades, a distinct safety panel design and new colour schemes that bring it all to life.


Check out these recent projects that include the Pacific Palms Premium design style family.

Reach out to our Design Team to include Pacific Palms in your next play space project Play Product Designers

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