How to build successful Nature Play areas and more…

More parents are realising their young children are not engaging with nature enough.

This presents a serious problem, and in this 21st century when everything has to be named, the problem even has a name. It’s called Nature Deficit Disorder.

But instead of creating a new malady to explain a situation we have caused ourselves, how about we just say “kids need to get out more” and then do something about it?

The NSW Government has released an AUD $50m package to encourage local Government and other bodies to create spaces for people, young and old, to engage with natural environments. This is an admirable effort by concerned people in Government to get people thinking more about the benefits of getting our children (and all of us) out into natural environments more often. You can find out if you are eligible to apply for a grant under this program here: NSW Open Spaces Program

If you are interested in how to balance free play and safety check out Free Play – can it be taken from the Backyard to the Local Park?

If you are considering a new play area that includes or focuses on Natural Play Environments, you can read our popular post on The 6 Secrets to Successful Nature Play

And a story about how Traditional Playgrounds have a place despite the need for more Nature Play – Playing in Nature vs Traditional Playgrounds

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