Play – A great tool for STEM learning

Children learn and grow their interest in the STEM skills while playing. Free outdoor play is one of the first ways that children experience the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). Have you ever watched a child play with sand? The simple act of cupping some sand into their hands and using it […]

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New A-Frame Swing Designs

As part of our 30th Anniversary program the Moduplay A-Frame Swings have had a design makeover. The new Moduplay Swing designs, featuring our traditional full strength gusseting (which is now interestingly copied by several other brands here and overseas) have the same amazing strength and functionality that our clients know and love, and have a […]

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Introducing the UrbanFiT Brand

Announcing UrbanFiT – taking outdoor fitness gyms to the next level! Our UrbanFiT brand has now become its own identity. Three unique ranges, Euro, Trekko and Nitro – Australian made by Moduplay and available on the all new fitness-focused website: www.urbanfit.com.au Since 1989, we have been designing and making Australian made and owned playgrounds right here […]

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7 New Moduplay Rockers!

These seven new Moduplay Rockers have a focus on imaginative play and promoting balance and risk. What if we threw out all the “rules” about what a Spring Rocker should look like? What if we started with a blank canvas and an open mind to see what we can come up with? Our designers tried […]

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New Moduplay Diggers

After 20 years, we have put our old excavators out to pasture, and developed completely new and improved Moduplay Sand Diggers. The new designs provide for Inclusive Play with both a seated and non-seated version. Sand play engages children with the natural elements around them in a playful and inspiring way. Both new models feature […]

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