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Music for little learners

With all the benefits of musical play, Moduplay’s Sensory & Sound range is great for adding educational & sensory value to the community playground space. Our musical instrument range just keeps on growing… Music goes hand in hand with learning; people play Mozart to babies in the womb in hopes of birthing a child genius; instruments are used in child cognitive development practices and people listen to music to help them concentrate. There is evidence to prove the positive effect music has on a child’s cognitive learning; theories such as the‘Mozart Effect’ and ‘Transfer Effects’ show that music can improve a child’s intellectual capacity. These studies show that music has a positive benefit on a child’s coordination, vocabulary, and even their capacity…

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7 New Moduplay Rockers!

These seven new Moduplay Rockers have a focus on imaginative play and promoting balance and risk. What if we threw out all the “rules” about what a Spring Rocker should look like? What if we started with a blank canvas and an open mind to see what we can come up with? Our designers tried it and here we have the results! Apart from the Toastie (OK there’s one traditional “sit-in” design that we couldn’t let go) the minimalist design of the others allow children to interact with these rockers in new and exciting ways: 1.The Quaker is a ro­bot-looking rocker with side supports and comfortable forward-facing handles 2. The Modbob is a minimalist ‘bob sled’ design allowing for easy access on…

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