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Best school playground equipment

Wondering what play equipment would suit your school best? The answer this tricky question varies and depends on a few factors.

Benefits of the school playground

We believe that the school playground can become an integral part of children’s development.

Recent School Playground Articles

9 Types of Play

Children learn to understand the world and how it works through different types of play. Play is a fundamental aspect of a child’s life, serving as a gateway to exploration, learning, and social development. While the concept of play may seem simple, it encompasses a diverse range of activities that offer unique benefits to children. […]

Moduplay Queensland – here to serve you.

Delivery of projects across Brisbane and the whole of Queensland is now supported by our permanent base at Pinkenba.  Strategically located to serve the Brisbane Metro and wider SE Queensland Councils and other customers, Moduplay’s new QLD headquarters is now open for business. We have based our rapidly growing Queensland operations here to support our […]

Five ways to bring Inclusive Play into your playground design

Designing a playground for children & families of all abilities is an art and a science… creative flair is essential, but there is a formula for a successful design as well A successful inclusive playground is a space that accommodates and welcomes children of all abilities, ensuring that they can play, interact, and have fun […]

Recent Schools Projects

St Ives North Public School

A whole lot of new reasons to go to school!   The children at St Ives have a whole lot of new reasons to go to school with the new playground equipment and Wild Ninja course now open and engaging them with lots of challenging and exciting outdoor play. The new play area needed to […]

Ashbury Public School

Ashbury Public School’s innovative oasis transforms limited space into a realm of boundless adventure!   The eye-catching Moduplay Design and Construct at Ashbury Public School showcases just how seamlessly a playspace can be integrated into a schoolyard environment with limited available space, providing children the outlet they need to learn and explore. Situated in Sydney’s […]

Berkeley Public School

If there’s one thing Moduplay loves more than playgrounds, it’s seeing playgrounds in action!   This all-new inclusive playground at Berkeley Public School has generated a hive of activity, providing students with all the necessary play elements to venture into the wonderful world of play, together! This unique Capital Playground design incorporates something for everyone, […]