SCEGGS Redlands

Cremorne, NSW

As soon as the bell for lunch break rings, the children at Redlands Preparatory School can be seen racing towards a towering 5.5m high Wildnet Summit New York. Everyday there is a race to be the first to scale the mass of rope jungle and sit on the net deck at the pinnacle to enjoy the school from a different view point.

Moduplay worked with the designers of the total play area, Umbaco Landscape Architects, to customise the standard New York net to include extra features to enhance the play value.

The staff of Redlands Prep School also had input into the design, resulting in a structure that will assist in the physical and social development of their students.

“Moduplay was a professional company to work with.  All aspects of the job were explained clearly.  The Moduplay Design Consultant oversaw every step of the process ensuring the job was undertaken in a timely and efficient manner.  Every aspect of the job, from design to installation, was carried out very well.  The children love the new play equipment – thank you Moduplay!”

Head of Early Childhood, Redlands Preparatory School, Cremorne

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  • Location Military Rd, Cremorne NSW 2090
  • Market Schools & Colleges
  • Budget $40,000 to $55,000*
  • Product Custom Wildnet Summit “New York

*Price guide correct as at 2011 for equipment and installation only. Your project location may effect delivery and install costs.