Rotary Park

Guyra, NSW

Guyra Shire Council’s desire was to upgrade Rotary Park to create a large, high attraction destination.

Situated on the New England Highway, many travellers stop here to use the facilities. From the road, the 5.5m Wildnet Summit can be seen peeking through the tops of the trees and chances are there will be a child standing there waving to the drivers!

Wildnet Summit nets use a unique single tensioning point system, keeping even tension & rope spacings over the entire structure.  The Rotary Park ‘New York’ includes a 7m Sway Bridge as an access point for all ages. This bridge mimics the old suspension bridges seen 40-50 years ago.  The large size of the ‘New York’ net and the numerous horizontal elements included in the structure allows up to 60 children to play together simultaneously making it the perfect solution for destination parks.

The park also features the all popular Moduplay Capital Nest Swing which has a 1200mm diameter nest to fit many children at once!  The unique net design presents a soft sitting area with no hand or foot entrapments.

The 1.8m high slide careering down the opposite side makes for a quick escape at home time.

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Rotary Park

93-99 New England Hwy, Guyra NSW 2365, Australia

Address: Llewellyn St Merewether, NSW 2291

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