Peter Rabbit Childcare

Punchbowl, NSW

The owners of Peter Rabbit Childcare at Punchbowl contacted Moduplay needing to refresh their outdoor play area.

With the same energetic children coming to the pre-school every day there was a need for a wide variety of play options.

The new playground absolutely provides for a wide range of play.

Gross and fine motor skills are honed on the multi-play unit, an in-ground Trampoline provides cardiovascular stimulation, a Moduplay Express Train and rocking Wave Rider boat cater for imaginative and role play.

Voice tubesbalance activities and ball play items complete the picture.

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Peter Rabbit Childcare

1320 Canterbury Rd, Punchbowl NSW 2196, Australia

Address: McGilvray Cl, Gordon ACT 2906

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