Holroyd Gardens

Holroyd, NSW

The iconic playground at Holroyd Gardens was originally built in 1988 to become the biggest playground in Australia at the time.

Designed by EBC Planning and Design Consultants, the playground was custom built and cost Council $145,000 at the time.

Considering that the median house price in Sydney at that time was $141,000 it was a very large project!

Holroyd Council engaged Moduplay to improve, renew and regenerate the flagship playground bringing it up to current Australian Standards and ensuring the playground at Holroyd Gardens remains one of Sydney’s iconic play destinations.

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  • Location Pitt St & Walpole Streets, Merrylands NSW 2160
  • Market Designers & Landscape Architects
  • Budget $100,000 to $249,999
  • Product Custom Rope Play, Skyclimber, Slides

Holroyd Gardens

1P Dressler Ct, Holroyd NSW 2142, Australia

Address: McGilvray Cl, Gordon ACT 2906

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