Bulga Recreation Ground

Bulga, NSW

Bulga NSW is situated 23km from the township of Singleton in the Hunter Valley. This small historic town has faced it’s fair share of controversy and collective anxiety in recent years due to the expansion plans of the nearby coal mine. The addition of a beautiful new community playground and outdoor gym at Bulga Recreation Reserve is a welcome change for the locals and visitors.

This bespoke play solution has been carefully designed, taking into consideration the full scope of the space to curate a space that invites “people of all ages, abilities and cultures to come together to socialise and thrive” (Everyone Can Play, p.12)

Layout is a major design consideration in every play space to ensure a free flow of users across the area, and this one is no exception. The main playground elements have been positioned on the back of the design with the fitness equipment closest to the roadside to help keep the children away from the road. The slides on the main playground unit face the outside of the area to ensure there is not a centralised traffic zone.

The coloured softfall under the fitness equipment provides a visual change of zones which is further emphasised by the concrete path separating the play zone from the fitness zone.

The concrete slabs for seats adjoin the concrete path to provide more space around the seating and enhance the accessibility of the seating.

The main multi-level play unit is designed to challenge older users including a range of climbing activities and a 2m tube slide, while the lower platforms and turbo slide cater to the younger users.

Also included in the design is a toddler’s zone with free standing activity panels at ground level for social and imaginary play. There is a seat positioned next to the toddler’s area to allow adults to supervise the toddlers area comfortably, where there is also an unobstructed view to the main play unit. The other seat is positioned near the swing where children often need adult assistance but also provides a clear view of the rest of the playground.

The zulu rocker included in the design adds another form of play and has been selected from our accessible range and co located with standard equipment.

The shade structure covers all elements of the design ensuring playability all year round.

Colours for the design have been chosen to compliment the surrounding heritage colour palette.

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*Price guide correct as at March 2020 for equipment and installation only. Site preparation, landscaping and ancillary works will differ for each location and are not included in this budget. Your project location may effect delivery and install costs.