Bondi Beach Gym

Bondi Beach, NSW

Bondi Beach has added to its appeal with a new outdoor gym by Moduplay. The previous workout gym bars had been “loved to death” as the Lord Mayor said at the opening ceremony of the new gym. Indeed it has bred an almost religious following of fitness fanatics that call themselves “The Bondi Beach Bar Brutes”.

Their members describe their regime as “extreme fitness” and we quite agree!

Moduplay worked with Waverley Council architects and the community based fitness club to design and build this unique outdoor gym. Australian hardwood posts, stainless steel tops to provide a good handhold position, stainless steel bars and other elements complete the picture.

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  • Location Bondi Beach, Bondi NSW 2026
  • Market Parks and Councils
  • Budget $40,000 to $55,000*
  • Product Custom Outdoor Gym

*Price guide correct as at 2014 for equipment and installation only. Your project location may effect delivery and install costs.