Berrima Marketplace Park

Berrima, NSW

The new Moduplay castle theme playground at Berrima Market Square has been designed and built to reflect the renowned heritage buildings of the town of Berrima, NSW.  Subtle colours were chosen in sympathy with the historic buildings close by and the natural surrounds.

The playground area was positioned near a large tree (far left and 2nd from right above) which has long been the focal point of the park with large low hanging boughs and soft natural mulch on the ground.  For many years children have been using the area under the tree as an extension of the play area as it was adjacent to the old playground equipment, now removed.

The council and local community felt that the tree should remain as one of the main play attractions at the park.  Based on this feedback, the new playground equipment was “nestled” right up close to the tree (you can just see it on the right in the above photo) to form a natural play atmosphere which will continue to encourage the children to use that favourite area during play.

The traditional Moduplay theme ‘Castle of Kent’ design was modified to suit the heritage architecture of Berrima.  The park also features a Knights Horse Rocker to fit in with the castle theme, Spinpoint Twista, Premium Twin Bay Swing including a Nest Seat, Strap Seat and Infant Seat, and a 25m long SkyRider.

The Skyrider 25m was carefully selected based on nearby neighbour’s requests for a low noise cableway activity instead of a more noisy track monorail trolley system.

The aim was to create a standout playground for a special location… judging by the reactions of the council staff, the local parents and the visiting children, it seems like we may have succeeded!

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