Dexterity Station – UrbanFiT Trekko

UFT- 3619

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Dexterity is defined as “Skill in performing tasks, especially with the hands.” The dexterity builder is a system in which the user guides a block through a channel, building hand-eye coordination, flexibility and of course, dexterity. The balance beam with handrail is a great low impact exercise for elderly and less able users. The balance beam doubles as a push up bar and handrail can be used for inverted row activities. Also included in this station is the calf stretch activity to assist in various stretching exercises


  • Age Range Youth / Adult
  • Fall Height <1200mm
  • Soft Fall Area 21.40m²
  • Space Req. Incl Soft-fall 6.55m x 3.70m
  • Colour Standard

Play Value



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