Body Burleigh – UrbanFiT Trekko UFT- 3615 Body Burleigh – UrbanFiT Trekko UFT- 3615
Body Body
Body Body

Body “Burleigh” – UrbanFiT Trekko

UFT- 3615

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The Body Burleigh is a mid-sized combination of stations, with stretching and low impact work as well as high and low bars.The monkey bar also adds versatility to this package. Good for up to 5 users simultaneously, a good option for areas with an older or less able demographic.Possible exercises include; calf and quad stretches (legs), inverted rows (arms and back), chin up (arms and back), and various suspension exercises (upper body and core).


  • Age Range Youth / Adult
  • Fall Height 3020mm
  • Soft Fall Area 30.60m²
  • Space Req. Incl Soft-fall 6.05m x 5.90m
  • Colour Standard

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