Moduplay Supports #MissingType

Today, the 14th of June we’re throwing our support behind the Australian Red Cross, as it is #worldblooddonorday! The Red Cross is running a campaign called #MissingType, the campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the ongoing blood shortages we as a country experience. The idea behind the push is for businesses to remove the letters A, B & O from their logos and encourage individuals to “fill the gaps”.

According to the Australian Red Cross website, Australia needs 100,000 new blood donors of all types – A, O and B – in the next year. While a lot of Australians do regularly donate blood, most people don’t know that donated blood lasts just 42 days. Blood supplies go quickly too, it takes a lot more to provide treatment to patients than one might think – according to the Leukaemia Foundation, to treat one patient with acute leukaemia for one month needs 18 people to donate blood and while on average treatment of leukaemias, lymphomas and myeloma lasts for eight months, it can last for years.

We as a company would like to publicly support this movement and do what we can to help spread awareness & we encourage others in our industry to do the same. This is something that affects all of us, every Australian regardless of age, gender or beliefs.

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