Moduplay LOUD Shirt Day – raising money and awareness for deaf children

On Friday 26th October, 2018 our team got behind the LOUD Shirt Day fundraiser and raised $2,189.00 to support The Shepherd Centre, Wollongong.

Each year in Australia there are approximately 250–400 children with significant permanent hearing loss in both ears.

It’s our belief that if we can help these children reach their full potential they will grow up to live a full and enjoyable life and ultimately be able to contribute to our communities like any other child as they would wish to.


The Shepherd Centre is yet another one of the amazing charities that serve society.

In 2017 The Wollongong Shepherd Centre;

  • Helped 545 children and young adults with hearing loss
  • Held 3,782 Listening and Spoken Language Therapy sessions
  • Supported 1,073 Child and Family Counselling sessions
  • Managed 1,849 Audiology sessions

They really deserve all the support we can give them.


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