Have your say about PLAY – Variety Livvi’s Place “The State of Play Survey” 2021

With just 7 minutes of your time you can influence the way community play spaces in Australia will be developed in the future.

The majority of community play spaces are funded by Government revenue and taxes in one form or another. It’s imperative we use that money wisely to provide the best possible outcomes wherever the investment is made in community play and recreation spaces.

Variety and Livvi’s Place have launched The State of Play 2021 survey to find out what all of us think about our playgrounds, what we look for in play & recreation facilities and so we can all have a say in what the future of play looks like in Australia.

The survey takes 7 minutes to complete and you can remain anonymous if you wish.

You’re involved in this space and you can have a positive impact on future outcomes by participating. We really value your opinion on this subject.

Please help future generations of children and families by contributing your opinion through the survey.

We’ve been building play in Australia for 32 years and fully endorse the value of this project. The survey results will be available to everybody later this year and it’s a great opportunity for you to get some insights into the value of your work in this space.

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