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Do I need soft-fall material under my playground?

All playground equipment with a potential fall height of over 500mm high requires an approved soft-fall material to be installed under and around it in accordance with Australian Standards.

What types of soft-fall are available?

Our blog post called What is the best Soft-fall Surface? lists various types of material that are available. This is not a complete list but shows the most commonly used materials.

How long does it take for our playground to be delivered?

The delivery time depends on the type of products you have ordered. Normal delivery times are 6-8 weeks from the time of order to time of delivery. Weather conditions can have an effect on installation times so make sure you consider for that when doing your planning.

Can you supply shade and fencing and other ancillary products to complete our playground?

Yes. We supply shade structures of all types and fencing of all types to suit your requirements. As the manufacturers of your play equipment we can easily colour match the shade and fencing with the equipment to ensure you have consistent colour themes throughout the project.

What colours are available?

Moduplay use the Dulux range of powdercoat for metal items so theoretically any colour in that range is available. However, most clients want a carefully designed colour scheme that considers for the other materials used in construction of the playground so we have a range of colour combinations for you to choose from.

If you have a special project where you need to match other items or colours of existing buildings etc, we’ll do that for you. Just let us know.

What about a site visit?

Yes, we prefer to visit your site if possible. There is no charge, no obligation and no pushy sales staff and we are sure it will be helpful to you. We can look at the various features of your location that may effect the design of your play area.

We consider for aspect (direction of the sun) in your design and make the best use of the visit to help you get the best result with your project.

Do I have to arrange a site visit before we can plan the playground?

No. We always like to if we can but it’s not always possible. We have many, many examples of projects that were successfully designed using information gathered during phone consultations and we can co-ordinate the design process using email and fax.