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The easiest way to buy playground spare parts

Save time and money by identifying and ordering your playground spare parts online You can purchase play equipment spare parts and playground maintenance products quickly and easily at the right prices through our new online store When there is a part you can’t track down or you don’t know the brand of the equipment, just upload an image through the Playground Parts Identifier portal and our experts will identify it for you by brand and advise on availability if it’s a part we can help you with. We aim to make this Australia’s most comprehensive range of play equipment spare parts, specialised fasteners, tools and maintenance equipment for the playground industry. If we don’t have your part listed, the…

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Free Play – can it be taken from the backyard to the neighbourhood park?

(Just to clarify, we’re talking about kids using whatever they can lay their hands on to have some good, healthy fun). In the “good old days” Free Play happened at home in the backyard, on the driveway or in the rumpus room. Hopefully it still does, and frankly that’s where it belongs. You know what I mean, swinging on the clothesline, building complex cubbies with cardboard boxes, nailing together a billy cart, making mud pies or knocking up a treehouse out of old pallets and scrap timber. It’s a really important part of growing up and creating happy childhood memories. But we also recognise that many thousands of modern-day children in Australia alone have had this opportunity for free play…

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Headlines are screaming “Ban the Monkey Bar” – what’s the deal?

We like kids to take risks when they play. It teaches them so much. But note, there is a big difference between a hazard and a risk.  We believe playgrounds should be hazard free, not risk free. A hazard is something the child can’t see or predict as a result of their own actions or the design of the playground. A risk is something the child can analyse and make a decision about and use to challenge themselves. Well designed Monkey Bars present an acceptable level of foreseeable risk.  Learning how to manage foreseeable risk is important for the mental and physical development of children. Monkey Bars can help with that. They should not be viewed as a hazard. Incidentally, they…

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