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Nature Inspired Play… why it’s different this time

Over the last 29 years, since Moduplay was established, we have seen the Nature Play concept come and go several times. This time it does seem to be different. For that we can probably thank the internet, but we can also blame it on the internet. This time the internet has allowed the message to spread and a whole generation of Mums and Dads across the nation and across the world have picked up on the idea and it’s thriving as a result. That’s the good news. The not so good news? The very same technology, screen technology, has become ingrained into a generation of kids. As a result, Mums, Dads and Grandparents everywhere are actively trying to offset screen…

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From Concept To Reality, Moduplay’s Got You Covered

From 3D visuals to reality – we do that every day Seeing how your new playground is going to look is key to getting the design right early on in the process. Our clients, and most importantly, the children involved love to see how the design will shape up when it is installed. That’s why we here at Moduplay strive to offer the most photo-realistic renders on the market. We have a team located in our head office in Wollongong NSW dedicated to creating the amazing renders we present to our clients. Some examples of which you can see on this page. It’s not just about creating something pretty to look at, it’s about showing our clients what they’re purchasing…

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Moduplay Launches NEW Spectra Range

Introducing, Moduplay’s new SPECTRA range!  Are you ready for lift-off? The NEW Moduplay Spectra brings a new dimension and unfamiliar shape to the community playground. Evoking the image of orbiting rings around a planet the clever design of Spectra includes multiple play activities on every design within a compressed footprint. The activities offered by the Spectra range are designed to be very challenging, helping to develop a child’s dexterity, strength and coordination. Spectra is an open “barrier-free” design that allows children to play the way they want to. Spectra Eclipse Fall Height: 1600mm Soft Fall Area: 38.8m² Space Req. Incl Soft-fall: 7m x 8.3m Spectra Comet Fall Height: 2273mm Soft Fall Area: 40m² Space Req. Incl Soft-fall: 7.7m x 7.4m Spectra Orbit…

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Moduplay Gives Integral Energy Park Its Spark Back

It’s always great to see a well-used play space be brought back to life! Integral Energy Park is a well-loved community area located in Kembla Grange, NSW that sees hundreds of kids visit on a weekly basis, and that has been the case for well over 10 years. But, there comes a time where every play space needs a spruce up, a fresh look – that’s where we come in. Wollongong City Council did a fantastic job of maintaining the existing play equipment, allowing it to remain a feature. Despite being in excess of 10 years old, it proves that with a dedicated team & thorough playground maintenance schedule you really can make the most of your investment. Not only did we resurface…

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Tips for installing your playground equipment

Have you decided to take on the responsibility of installing your own playground equipment?  We’ve put some tips together to make sure your equipment is safely installed, compliant and above all safe to play on. First, be prepared. You will need adequate machinery and tools for install. Most specialised tools or spanners will be supplied with the playground kit but you will need equipment such as cordless drills, cordless screw drivers and some basic hand tools and digging tools. Some parts of new playground kits can be large, difficult to handle and heavy. You may require a forklift, truck crane or some other handling equipment to safely manoeuvre the equipment on site. Read the instruction manual before you get on…

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Funding your new playground equipment

Fundraising for new playground equipment or a new play area? Raising the necessary funds for the building of a new playground or play area can be a daunting task. We’d like to bring some help to hand for you. 1. How much does a playground cost? If you’re a first time playground buyer it may surprise you to know how much local councils spend to keep their community parks equipped with play equipment that is safe, modern and appropriate for the age groups they expect will use it. A new build school playground in Australia can cost anywhere from around $15,000 up to $100,000 depending on the level of complexity. As an indicator the last 35 playgrounds we built for…

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Moduplay’s 6 Secrets to successful Nature Play areas

There is a plethora of information available on how Nature Play is so beneficial for children and how we need to help them connect with nature as much as possible. This article is not about the philosophy of Nature Play, it’s about how you can successfully provide opportunities for Nature inspired Play. Here are a few learnings and discoveries we have made over the years that will help you get the best possible outcome when planning and building a Nature inspired Play area:   1. It’s all about the Pathways Yes, you need lots of areas where children can dig and delve and get the dirt and sand between their fingers and toes, but durable and easy to maintain access pathways are…

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Inclusive Sand & Water – an Australian first!

The designs of the new range of Inclusive Sand and Water Play come as a welcome refresh to a market which is heavily saturated with imported goods. The design team at Moduplay had the goal of not only creating an affordable, Australian made alternative to some of the European items. But, they also wanted to ensure that all children regardless of ability were able to experience the magic of interacting with and learning through nature. Minimalistic shapes and a multitude of colour options allow for any item from the re-worked range to fit seamlessly into any play environment. Being the designers, manufacturers and installers of this unique range of products allows us to offer a level of customisation that has never before been…

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Playgrounds that take kids back to nature

Nature Play gives kids a rare sense of freedom and allows kids to explore their limits in a structured and safe environment. Researchers at the University of WA found that nature play also stimulates children’s immune systems, and can reduce the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder. In this day & age where everything can be experienced either through a screen or a pair of VR goggles, it is hard to find something that can entertain and excite the younger generation, but that is exactly what nature play brings. Moduplay has been working hard to develop an affordable, Australian made option to help satisfy an industry that is currently crying out for a bit of variety. Our industrial designers have come…

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New Playground Safety Standards

New Playground Safety Standards released by Australian Standards for Playgrounds in Australia A new Australian Standard for Playground Equipment and Surfacing (AS 4685.0:2017) has been released and anybody involved in the design, development and operation of play spaces in Australia should be aware of it. Who should use this Playground Safety Standard? This Standard is intended for use by designers and installers of playground equipment as well as the operators of playgrounds. What does the new Playground Safety Standard cover? This Australian Standard covers the “Development, installation, inspection, maintenance and operation” of all play equipment in Australia except equipment for domestic use. It supersedes AS/NZS 4486.1:1997 and incorporates relevant parts of AS/NZS 4422:1996 however AS/NZS 4422:1996 remains current in relation…

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