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Introducing The 30 Series!

Moduplay is celebrating 30 Years of Play by announcing our special edition range – The 30 Series, showcasing the best of Australian Made play. See the Video >> The 30 Series offers a unique Euro-Australian Design flavour from our internationally trained designers. It’s never been easier to create fresh and inspiring play areas using an Australian made product with a contemporary and minimalist feel. The two distinct styles take ideology from the natural, emulating the fantastical figure of the butterfly, and the humble cubby house. The butterfly style has a focus on organic shapes, in a conscious move from the angular and rigid. This helps stimulate imaginative play, by allowing spaces and shapes to become the amphitheatre of play in a wonder-filled area…

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Sneak Peek! Our new 2019 special edition range “The 30 Series”

Since 1989 Moduplay has been creating golden memories that last a lifetime…for children and families everywhere. We’re celebrating this milestone by announcing our upcoming, special edition range “The 30 Series”, showcasing the best of Australian Made play – set to be released early 2019, our 30th year of building great places to play. “The 30 Series” presents contemporary and minimalist styled play equipment that designers can select to build fresh and inspiring play areas. 15 Design Combinations featuring many new play activities and colour combinations are available in the range. Be one of the first to receive an e-brochure of our new range when it is available. Enter your name and email below.  

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Headlines are screaming “Ban the Monkey Bar” – what’s the deal?

We like kids to take risks when they play. It teaches them so much. But note, there is a big difference between a hazard and a risk.  We believe playgrounds should be hazard free, not risk free. A hazard is something the child can’t see or predict as a result of their own actions or the design of the playground. A risk is something the child can analyse and make a decision about and use to challenge themselves. Well designed Monkey Bars present an acceptable level of foreseeable risk.  Learning how to manage foreseeable risk is important for the mental and physical development of children. Monkey Bars can help with that. They should not be viewed as a hazard. Incidentally, they…

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Fitness For All

These days we’re bombarded with messages to move more, stand more, exercise more… and most of us love the idea of being healthier and happier. You set a goal, put on your sneakers and grab your water bottle… but you’ve probably spent all day inside and you don’t want to go to a crowded, loud, intimidating gym… not to mention the cost! Not everyone can afford the membership fees with all of life’s other expenses. That’s why we’ve created UrbanFIT. The brand new and complete range of Moduplay outdoor fitness equipment. Impressive workout equipment for teens and adults who want to spend more time outside, breathing in the fresh air as they work up a sweat. With three distinct ranges…

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Ray Crump Oval – A fantastic community space

  Wollongong City Council successfully opened their newest play space at Ray Crump Oval, Primbee to a large cheer from local school students! As part of a community consultation process, the enthusiastic kids from Primbee Public School worked with members of council to help design the new playground at Ray Crump Oval. In attendance on the day were some of the designers, who were busy admiring their vision and skills as they gave the new equipment its first good test drive.  With several Moduplay employees in attendance, the event seemed to have an impact on them – giving them a fresh perspective on just how much their work can impact a community.  It was great to see pure joy just…

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Lifting children out of poverty through PLAY

Can you build a playground for $500.00 or less? A local Australian charity, Playground Ideas, is doing just that in poverty stricken communities all over the world, where no playground was available before. We believe every child needs the opportunity to play, no matter where they happened to have been born. Because, above all else, we know the ability to engage in free unhindered play builds creativity, which in turn is a critical skill for lifting people out of poverty. Need proof of that? Check out this page of the Playground Ideas website. Moduplay is a platinum sponsor of the team at Playground Ideas    

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Ray Abood Oval opened in STYLE

Shoalhaven City Council Mayor Amanda Findley & Member for Kiama Gareth Ward were on hand to officially open the newly rejuvenated play space in the scenic Cambewarra Village. The Cambewarra Residents and Ratepayers were the driving force for the project, succesfully receiving $45,000 from the NSW Community Parterships Grant towards the new playground. Mr Ward praised the community spirit shown to get the project up and running: Rarely does the Cambewarra community ask for much. I fought hard to ensure Council would match our contribution to provide this wonderful equipment for local families. It’s not a cost to Government, it’s an investment in the community. Going on to say: The park now includes Moduplay swings, climbing equipment, balancing logs, climbing…

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Play is coming back…

There is a renewed interest, awareness and priority being given to children’s play. The world over. Of course, it’s a tired cliche to say “It was different when we were young”. But the fact remains, it is a different society we are in now. And most children don’t have the same opportunities for free and unlimited play as earlier generations had. However, there is a movement underway. And there seems to be a whole army of quiet achievers going about the task of bringing play back. Bringing it back to the forefront of the minds of community planners, local authorities and educators. Bringing the concept of play back to the attention of parents and caregivers, that know the value of play,…

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Backyard games are almost a thing of the past – but don’t need to be

At what cost do we keep developing smaller and smaller house lots? Have you ever noticed that suburbs 5-10 years old still look quite new from a distance? Simple reason for that. There’s nowhere to plant trees between the houses without upsetting neighbours or tree roots getting into drains. Backyards get hotter (less pleasant places to be), houses have to be air-conditioned when the weather hits the low 20’s and whole suburbs end up hotter. The standard 1/4 acre block won’t reappear but is it time to have a rethink about block sizes and making space for something other than bricks and tiles? There are ways this could be addressed with little effect on the actual number of families living…

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Too much computer time…

I remember reading an article a while ago that pointed out that the big difference between traditional play, that many of us knew as children, and engaging with digital media (computer games, xBox, etc) as a form of play for children, is that the device is in control. Children lose their need and sense of creativity to keep the fun going. The device decides when the game is over, not the child. Creativity is like any other naturally acquired skill or ability. You use it or lose it. So now we have generations of young people coming out of school trying to enter the workforce with seriously impaired creative abilities. In a well-known study of 1500 global corporations the CEO’s were asked what…

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