Funding for Playgrounds


Unlocking Opportunities for Government Schools with the Schools Upgrade Fund – Round 2

The Australian Government has announced the second round of the Schools Upgrade Fund, a significant initiative aimed at bolstering the infrastructure of government schools across the nation. With a keen focus on enhancing educational environments, Moduplay stands ready to assist schools in leveraging this opportunity to enrich their play and learning spaces. About the Fund […]

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Bushwood Blog Post Img

Revitalising Play with Nature: The New and Improved Bushwood Range by Moduplay

Embracing Nature’s Essence in Play Moduplay‘s recent relaunch of the Bushwood range signifies a monumental step in harmonising play with nature. Our latest design enhancements focus on infusing a more ‘handcrafted’ aesthetic into each piece. This transformation aligns perfectly with the fundamental ethos of the Bushwood range – to merge the innocence and wonder of […]

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SkyBlocks by Moduplay – Designed, Engineered and Made in Australia

Bespoke, Innovative Brilliance in Playground Design Moduplay is excited to introduce the SkyBlocks range, an exciting development not only in our product offering, but in Australian-made playground manufacturing. These SkyBlocks aren’t just another play structure; they are a vibrant symbol of innovation that can blend seamlessly with any community space. Entirely designed, engineered, and manufactured in […]

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SkyTowers Inspiration Book

When a playspace needs that extra element of AMAZING! Since 2014 Moduplay has been building awesome Skytowers that have become the focal point of many amazing play spaces around Australia. Pioneering the concept of super high play structures for public play spaces was a brave move by Moduplay that is now emulated across Australia and […]

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Moduplay Launches NEW Spectra Range

Introducing, Moduplay’s new SPECTRA range!  Are you ready for lift-off? The NEW Moduplay Spectra brings a new dimension and unfamiliar shape to the community playground. Evoking the image of orbiting rings around a planet the clever design of Spectra includes multiple play activities on every design within a compressed footprint. The activities offered by the […]

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