The world is worried

The intrusion of digital “noise” is replacing so much of what we used to do. Good things that we used to enjoy doing, and benefit from, without even thinking about doing them. With the advent of digital we (humans) have embarked upon a worldwide experiment to see what the results are when you replace all of those things with digital […]

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Children that play are better readers

Last week I visited a Community Hall in a rural town where our customer wants a variety of Moduplay products installed. But it was a passing remark that caught my attention… “Of course, balancing on play equipment helps their reading skills”. On further enquiry she explained it is a well known truth that children with reading challenges can […]

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Moduplay Project awarded 2016 Destination of the Year

Jervois St Reserve has recently won the 2016 ‘Destination of the Year’ award as voted by the people of Adelaide! The award, formally issued by Baby and Toddler Destinations to the City of Marion was received by Mayor Kris Hanna in a formal presentation last week. You can view more photos on the Project Page. We feel this playground has left all […]

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What is the best soft-fall surface?

The definition of effective soft-fall is “an impact absorbing medium that slows the falling child down over the greatest possible distance” That means the child is decelerating as slowly as possible – which reduces the shock of the fall. However, there is no such thing as the perfect soft-fall material for every situation. Whilst mulch […]

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The BEST playground in Australia?

The Moduplay Skytower at Stuart Park, Wollongong has become “the playground to go to” for children and families from all over the Illawarra and beyond! The all-inclusive design has allowed kids of all abilities to play together in one cohesive and colourful environment. Wollongong Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbury stated that the playground would get a “Gold Star” and […]

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Moduplay features at Vivid Sydney

The Vivid Sydney Light Music Ideas Show is all about innovation and creativity. Designers and architects from all over Australia put forward their concepts and ideas for exhibits that will enthrall the visitors to Sydney during the Sydney Vivid Light Show. Moduplay was engaged by Architects NBRS+Partners in Sydney to build the amazing Swing Glow […]

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