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Moduplay’s 2024 Play Panels – A New Chapter in Playground Adventure

Introducing A World of Imagination and Learning In 2024, Moduplay is set to unveil a groundbreaking series of play panels that will redefine playtime. These panels are not just additions to playgrounds; they are gateways to adventure, learning, and social development. Each panel tells a unique story, inviting children into worlds ranging from the Australian […]

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Playground Horizons: Top 5 Playground Design Trends to Watch in 2024

As we look towards 2024, the playground landscape continues to evolve, blending innovation with creativity. At Moduplay, we are always at the cutting edge of play space design, anticipating and shaping the trends that will captivate the next generation. Here are the top trends we see taking centre stage in 2024. As we journey through […]

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9 Types of Play

Children learn to understand the world and how it works through different types of play. Play is a fundamental aspect of a child’s life, serving as a gateway to exploration, learning, and social development. While the concept of play may seem simple, it encompasses a diverse range of activities that offer unique benefits to children. […]

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Lions Park Playground

Inspired by their rich farming history with Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing remaining the greatest industry in Parkes today. The playground at the local Lions Park has been designed for the entire community. It’s a celebration of what brought the township together originally and offers a place for the community to come together now in a […]

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Five ways to bring Inclusive Play into your playground design

Designing a playground for children & families of all abilities is an art and a science… creative flair is essential, but there is a formula for a successful design as well A successful inclusive playground is a space that accommodates and welcomes children of all abilities, ensuring that they can play, interact, and have fun […]

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“Invisi-Clusive Play”… when inclusive access to play becomes invisible

A play area that welcomes children & families of all abilities without them knowing it has been designed to be inclusive, is what we call an “Invisi-Clusive Play” space. With the launch of PLAY Book Edition 10 (2023) we introduced a completely new idea to the playgrounds around Australia and the world, that the best […]

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Bringing it all together to give you the Best Possible Outcome

Many projects require design and supply expertise across a broad range of outdoor recreation products. Moduplay Group brings a complete solution to outdoor recreation projects and urban spaces that require great design along with world-leading products and professional site construction. From concepts and design through to manufacture, construction and final handover. We work alongside you during […]

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Riverside Adventure Playground

One of the biggest playgrounds in Regional NSW to be unveiled this month at Wagga Riverside Adventure Park. Watch the video here as it comes together during design, manufacture and construction. Moduplay Group Pty Ltd has produced an astounding series of bespoke Australian Made playground structures to create an impressive new playspace for Wagga Wagga […]

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Kaebel Chat Newsletter

World leading rope play products, made in Australia Kaebel Leisure is Australia’s own specialised manufacturer of global quality rope play products. Moduplay Group Pty Ltd, another Australian owned manufacturer of play products, recently acquired Kaebel Leisure. We’d like to share this amazing Australian success story with you via Kaebel Chat, a short email once a […]

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