“The children are not getting sick like they used to… they’re generally fitter… they have more energy…”

Some of our best good news stories go untold…

These were the staggeringly good comments from a school principal where we had recently completed a new Moduplay playground.

Since we installed the new play equipment our absenteeism has gone down dramatically and it’s not just because school is now a more fun place to come… The children are not getting sick like they used to, the number of reported cases of children with common colds has gone down, they’re generally fitter, have more energy and teachers are saying the kids are better (behaved) in the classroom. I can only put it down to the new equipment and the enthusiasm of the kids at recess and lunch time to use it!

This awesome testimonial echoes the messages of thanks and inspirational change that many, many teachers and other people involved with providing for children to play have conveyed to us over the years.

We love hearing comments like this, it gives us all hope and motivation to keep doing better.

A couple of months ago we wrote about the psychology of bad news and how to avoid falling for it. That article generated a lot of interest so we wanted to back it up with the kind of good news stories we are lucky enough to hear at Moduplay as a result of the work everybody in this sector does.

That includes Landscape Architects, local government professionals, the play equipment manufacturing craftspeople, the landscaping construction companies, the playground installers, the teams that install the soft-fall systems and other ancillary elements and everybody in between. Many of which we are privileged to work with to achieve amazing outcomes with projects involving play.

It’s truly a good news industry which is “Bringing Play to the World”*.

There’s no question we have all been through a difficult time but we owe it to our children to focus on the positive. And active outdoor healthy play is a huge facilitator of that.

What more is there to say?

The team at Moduplay can help take your idea for a new playground through a process that guarantees the Best Possible Outcome.

We listen, we discuss, we work, then we come back to you with concept plans and make changes until you know the playground design is the best it can be.

And we do all of this with our in-house team in Australia. Making playgrounds right here in Australia for Australian schools and their students.


We bring play to the world for the well-being of people & communities.

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