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Riverside Adventure Playground

One of the biggest playgrounds in Regional NSW to be unveiled this month at Wagga Riverside Adventure Park. Watch the video here as it comes together during design, manufacture and construction. Moduplay Group Pty Ltd has produced an astounding series of bespoke Australian Made playground structures to create an impressive new playspace for Wagga Wagga […]

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New Moduplay WildNinja – the ultimate fitness course in a playground

It’s time to go WildNinja… Kids become Gladiators as they take on the challenge of these incredible, stamina building WildNinja courses. First, see if you can complete the course, then set the timer and the race is on! Carefully designed layouts provide different levels of challenge and fun to many age groups of children. Legendary […]

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Kaebel Chat Newsletter

World leading rope play products, made in Australia Kaebel Leisure is Australia’s own specialised manufacturer of global quality rope play products. Moduplay Group Pty Ltd, another Australian owned manufacturer of play products, recently acquired Kaebel Leisure. We’d like to share this amazing Australian success story with you via Kaebel Chat, a short email once a […]

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Playground Safety 101: The Complete Guide

A children’s playground offers more than just fun. Children who spend time in playgrounds will experience many cognitive, social and health benefits. Playgrounds provide children with opportunities to solve problems, test their physical strength and practice their social skills. Playgrounds are also settings for unstructured free play, which is essential to children’s development. In this […]

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How to build successful Nature Play areas and more…

More parents are realising their young children are not engaging with nature enough. This presents a serious problem, and in this 21st century when everything has to be named, the problem even has a name. It’s called Nature Deficit Disorder. But instead of creating a new malady to explain a situation we have caused ourselves, […]

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New original Aussie style rockers – unique to Moduplay

Kids can fly on the Kookaburra or race on Old Man Emu… “The first thing that grabs your attention is the attention to detail…” which is such a common reaction from the designers and customers we work with. And the new Australian themed spring rockers are no exception. Kookie the Kookaburra swoops down with a […]

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Australian standards for playgrounds

Australian Standards for Playgrounds

Playgrounds are excellent creative tools for children’s learning and development. However, as with any type of play environment meant for the use of children, it is crucial to ensure the safety of all users by anticipating and managing risk from early in the planning and design stages. This is where the Australian Safety Standards for […]

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