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Using a full Public Tender process for purchases that don't require it is

a waste of time and money!


How do you get around it?  You don't.  You use suppliers that have already met all of the Tender requirements that you are looking for.


All you have to do is confirm the price and product details and place an order noting that the order is covered by the relevant Local Government Procurement Contract.Moduplay LGP Contract Certificate


You get favourable pricing, quick turnaround, no paperwork hassles and you are fully covered in regard to your competitive tender requirements.


What's the catch?  There isn't one.  This system has been built to help you.


As a Contract Supplier, Moduplay must pay a small management fee to Local Government Procurement.  Your council or organisation even gets part of this back as a rebate to encourage you to use the system.

Ask us for more details or visit http://www.lgp.org.au/www/html/1625-faqs.asp



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