It's a winner!

This playground at the former Sydney Water Police site has won the NSW State Award Certificate of Recognition from the Australian Parks and Leisure Association.

Fiona Robbe and ASPECT Studios were the designers.

Suppliers were many including Moduplay for the extra large Swings!

You really should get down there and experience it if you are in the Sydney CBD soon.

It's just a great spot that has been transformed by this work.

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The old Sydney Water Police Wharf at Pyrmont has been turned into a retreat for families and an adventure land for children of all ages.

Sydney Water Police Site

Extra high Moduplay Swings find a ready reception...


When the Water Police relocated to their new headquarters the decision was taken by Sydney City Council to return this area to the people and what a successful outcome for everybody!

There are many new and interesting concepts in play to be explored and Moduplay was able to provide the designers Fiona Robbe Landscape Architects with an extra high swing frame option which is meant to be reminiscent of the graceful swings of an earlier era.

What has happened as an unexpected bonus is that many times on visiting the park we have found mature age adults using the swings alongside their children or grandchildren and just thoroughly enjoying the experience!

Natural Surroundings

Sydney Water Police Site

Sydney Water Police Site

Twin Swing Sets

Totem Poles


Water Play

Remnants used for play

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