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Hornsby Shire Council's new medieval themed castle playground at Rofe Park

Rofe Park now boasts a big, bright and bold 'Castle of Kent' playground, unique from every park in the Hornsby Shire Council region.
Rofe Park
The Council requested a castle themed play structure with significant 'wow' factor, lots of red and blue using low maintenance materials and at a sustainable cost.  The concept of a castle themed play area was inspired by the existing and dated play equipment that had a bridge, concrete paths, castle-like walls and fencing.  The fort style concept made Rofe Park extremely popular, which also lead to the new design choice.

 Rofe Park

The new park was to be different and set apart from all others.  Equipment included in the design such as; Spiral Slide, huge under deck 2m x 2m Rope Net, Double Swing, Turret Rooves, Draw Bridge, Castle Themed Walls, Rope Net Tunnel Bridge, Scaling Wall and Scotty Ladder are just some of the components that achieved this.

Rofe Park

Moduplay modified the layout of the catalogue unit, 'Castle of Kent' to fit in with the existing brick edging and surrounding footpaths that lead into the play area.  The sheltered picnic settings and perimeter fence make it an ideal destination for mothers with small children.

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