A tribute  to Duri Public School and the thousands of other small country schools like it...


When we serve these small community schools we get to appreciate what a great job they do with the future generations of Australia.


Here they are, "out in the sticks" as we say, sometimes days from bigger towns and inside the kids are getting a quality education that equals anything the city kids are getting. It's amazing.


...sometimes, in Australia, we take things for granted just a bit too much.


So, country schools, we take our hats off to you.


Well done!


Where is Duri?


About 19km out of Tamworth NSW on the Werris Creek Road.

The school is out of Duri on the Duri-Dungowan Road.


There are no houses nearby, just farmland for miles!

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Ph: (02) 4272 1644

Duri Public School has proved the value of a well designed and durable playground with their new Moduplay Premium play area.
Duri Testimonial

You can download the letter from Duri here.

"Dear Moduplay,

I am writing to you on behalf of Duri Public School P&C to commend Moduplay Commercial Systems on the quality and creative play equipment they provided for the Duri Public School.

The children of Duri Public School have benefited enormously in both their physical and social development from this beautiful playground.

Since the construction of the Moduplay playground equipment in our school yard the children have played on it at every opportunity – it is a real winner. Not only do the children enjoy playing on the equipment, the playground has promoted more social interaction between children of varied ages.

Childrens imagination has flourished in this environment as the playground has transformed from a treehouse full of monkeys to a submarine and then a flying pirate ship.

The body strength of the children has improved noticeably as has their co-ordination. Their confidence is building as they perform tricks requiring extra strength and stamina that they are keen to demonstrate to mum or dad when they visit the school.

In a world where children seem to choose the physically passive entertainment of computer games and television, Moduplay has created an ideal way for our children to choose physical activity for entertainment.

Thankyou Moduplay Commercial Systems for your innovative ideas and providing  products  that have our children enjoying selecting healthy and imaginative play activities.

Anthea C.

For Duri School P&C"

Duri PS 1


Duri PS 1

Phone: 1800 806 145
Fax: 02 4262 3232
Email: sales@moduplay.com.au

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