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Single Swings for Toddlers right up to Giant Quad Swings reminiscent of the playgrounds of an earlier generation.


You'll find every variation available in the Moduplay Range.

S-8796 S-8796 Mammoth Swing


S-8707 S-8793 Capital Nest Swing

S-8707 S-8794 Premium Nest Swing


S-8714  Capital Double Swing - Junior




S-8735 S-8735 Capital Triple Swing - Senior

S-8749 S-8749 Capital Quad Swing - Extra High

S-8784 S-8784 Premium Double Swing

S-8756 S-8756 Premium Triple Swing

S-8763 S-8763 Premium Quad Swing


S-8791 Capital Tee Swing

S-8788 S-8788 Compact Double Swing

S-8789 S-8789 Compact Triple Swing

S-8790 S-8790 Compact Quad Swing

S-8783 S-8783 Mini Tot Swing

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