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Moduplay Wildnet Summit is a full range of framed rope climbers.
The engineering excellence is amazing and many unique features
are included to ensure they are a low-maintenance, high-play-value
play challenge.

Please note these pictures do not show our unique colour range of Pearl Silver
frames and brightly coloured sphere joints.

Wildnet Summit Cologne - Yellow

Wildnet Summit Cologne U-9600

At 3.0m high, the Cologne is a beautiful addition to any small play area.

This photo shows a yellow coloured frame with blue rope.




Wildnet Summit Rome - Red

Wildnet Summit Rome U-9601

This photo shows a red coloured frame and blue rope.

Moduplay's unique colour is Pearl Silver frames and joint spheres of Orange, Purple, Red or Green.






Wildnet Rome II - Silver Frame

Wildnet Summit Rome II U-9602

A magnificent rope play structure with a relatively compact footprint.

This picture shows the standard Pearl Silver with brightly coloured sphere joints.

Wildnet Summit Milan

Wildnet Summit Milan U-9610

At 5.5m high the Milan is an eye catcher from far away! 

This photo shows an orange frame with blue and black rope.


Wildnet Summit Paris

Wildnet Summit Paris U-9638

Wildnet Summit Paris stands 4.35m high.

Frame shown in red. See main page for unique Moduplay colours.


Wildnet Summit New York

Wildnet Summit New York U-9660

The geometrical shape of the New York in Moduplay Pearl Silver with contrasting brightly coloured sperical joints is truly impressive!

See main product page for our standard colours.


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