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  Moduplay is now an approved contractor for LGP



  Have you ever had the situation where you needed a competitive price on new park equipment but haven't had the time to pull it all together?

Moduplay has recently gone through the whole competitive tender process and has successfully been selected as a supplier to Local Government under Local Government Procurement Contract 308-2.
   What does that mean to you?      
  Save time by not having to go to tender  
  Be assured of value-for-money due to the competitive process we have already gone through to be accepted  
   Your organisation gets a rebate for any purchases made under the contract  


  How does it work?  

Local Government Procurement represents the needs of NSW councils with suppliers as well as providing extensive procurement, tendering and contract management support.


There are no joining or annual fees payable by councils to utilise the contracts established by LGP. Councils can also utilise LGP to conduct tenders on their behalf, on a fee for service basis, reducing their risk and ensuring that the process follows best practice principles.




Councils can be assured that LGP processes have all the key elements required for success and sustainability.


  These include:  
  Comprehensive legal and probity systems  
  Due diligence systems  
    An environment of trust with clients  
    Well-researched product information  
    Clarity of local government requirements and product specifications   
    Solid supplier relationships  
    Capacity to adequately evaluate competitive bids and compare dissimilar offerings  
  Competence in negotiation and supplier management   
  Performance monitoring and benchmarking   



So the next time you have a project requiring products you would normally put out to tender, give us a call and we'll help you use the brilliant LGP Contract to get it through quicker and with no hassles.



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