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Fast moving action in a compact, exciting play area where kids can really try
their fitness levels and stamina.

No platforms means the kids have to balance and hang on as they traverse between activities. Many other designs available.



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Moduplay Geoclimber Y-9100 - 01 Moduplay Geoclimber Y-9132 - 02 Moduplay Geoclimber Y-9172 - 03 Moduplay Geoclimber Y-9185 - 04
Y-9100 - 01 Y-9132 - 02 Y-9172 - 03 Y-9185 - 04
Moduplay Geoclimber Y-1601      




Geoclimber can be woven into the design of larger playgrounds like this... or on its own like this!

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