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Why is it still important to buy Australian Made?


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Buying Australian Made is still important...






For You:


You are dealing with the manufacturer. This means you have direct feedback and you can even have input into the design, if you wish.



You are not dealing through a remote party that has very little, if any, control over what is done at the manufacturing headquarters in an overseas location.



You can get quick supply of spare parts and backup if something goes wrong.


  You can actually afford the spare parts when you need them as they are not subject to fluctuating exchange rates that usually result in less value-for-money for Australian consumers.    



For the Playground Industry:


Your support of Australian manufacturers means we can re-invest in our businesses and keep improving our products, further replacing the need for imports.


  When you purchase Australian made play equipment you are actually ensuring the health of the industry in Australia.  


For Australia:


We all know the advantages of buying Australian Made. If we can tip the scoreboard in Australia's favour (exports vs. imports) then it's good for our country now and it's a bonus for our future generations.



When a supplier of playground equipment imports items from overseas the Australian Federal Government regards them as "the manufacturer" of that product. So they will be fully accountable for the repair of the equipment under warranty even though they may be just a sales agent for the overseas manufacturer.


  We employ Australian Workers in Australian Conditions and we give them a bright and prosperous future at the same time!    


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